Search engine optimization (SEO) will help your customers connect with your business online. Whether they are looking for a local fast-food place, best gym, loans online, ideal seo-agency, our expert team will provide modern SEO services, backed by the best digital practices. You are guaranteed to increase your traffic & rankings.

Depending on your goals, we offer various kinds of SEO to provide more individual and relevant service suitable for your company:

  • Local SEO
  • Ecommerce SEO
  • Small Business SEO
  • National SEO

SEO optimization (search engine optimization) work includes:

  • Analysis of search engine ranking algorithms, to identify key ranking factors, tracking innovations in search engines;
  • analysis of current demands (statistics of search queries, visits to sites);
  • making a list of promoted queries (semantic core);
  • work on improving the site itself (internal optimization);
  • work to increase citation of the site and the number of its references in the network (external optimization);
  • work on analyzing user behavior on the site and on the pages of output (improving behavioral factors);
  • tracking results (positions on target requests, traffic) and making adjustments to the current workflow.

What will you get as a result of ordering SEO services from Compacom Agency ?

  • Audience growth - Trust in search results is several times higher than any advertising - you get the maximum audience loyal to you.
  • Sales growth - Site promotion is not only the growth of the audience but also the work on increasing conversion and improving usability.
  • Stability of sales - Turnkey progress gives constant traffic even after the work is done, because SEO results cannot be turned off as advertisement.
  • The recognition of your brand - Your site at the top is trusted and increases the popularity and positive image of your brand.

5 Easy Steps of Compacom Agency SEO work:

  1. Filling in the application form.
    You fill in an application for SEO-optimization of the site: specify the address of the site, the subject of the site, the region, links to competitors, and any wishes to the specialist. 
  2. Confirmation of application
    After requesting SEO services you can wait for a call, or e-mail from our operator, and pay for the order after consultation. If you have no additional questions, you can pay immediately. Then we will instantly assign the most suitable performer.
  3. Appointment of a Personal SEO Specialist.
    As soon as possible after the payment is made, our SEO specialist will contact you. He will consult you on the stages of work and specify additional wishes for your website optimization.
  4. Performing a set of services for your website optimization.
    The specialist starts to optimize the site: conducts an audit, selects keywords, corrects texts and fixes errors on the site (all corrections are made with your consent), fills in all the necessary data for the internal optimization of the site. If necessary, a specialist will connect to the site web analytics systems.
  5. Getting the work done and checking the results.
    After completion of the site setup, you accept and evaluate the work of a specialist. On average, the site is updated in search engine output in the period from several weeks to several months. This is influenced by various factors: the age of the domain and the level of competition, the specifics of the site and the region of promotion.

Why Compacom Agency SEO?

With Compacom Agency you are guaranteed to get the best and most dedicated SEO service. We treat your business as our own until we make it successful. We employ only professional SEO specialists that will definitely make your company grow.  

We take into account your business's unique SEO needs and goals. Everyr client is an individual for us and we'll create bespoke strategies for their distinct needs.

Compacom Agency provides a number of SEO services and techniques to reach your goals. Specify your needs to get the most benefit to your business and overcome your competitors.

We provide efficient, effective, and easy SEO aimed at results.