Local SEO is a search engine optimization of a site based on the requests of users from a particular geographical region. Most often, search engine optimization is localized for the sites of those organizations that users find in queries related to the city or district: "where to get a haircut", "where to go for a business lunch", "where to buy good coffee" and so on. SEO for location helps owners of businesses to find more new customers.

Local SEO includes:

  • the address of the company in the footer of the site;
  • adding the site to Google My Business;
  • adding to online maps and geolocation services;
  • registration in local directories and catalogs;
  • work with reputation, reviews, getting feedback, and working with it.

Why you need Local SEO

Working with local search is important for any business attached to the region. It's worth considering a regional search for both e-commerce and offline clients. The basis of local promotion is an activation in  Google My business. For eCommerce, an additional direction of work is internal optimization of the site under the requirements of Local SEO.

The regional top has its own features. Taking the top positions in the local search is much easier because there are low-frequency queries and weak competition. In this case, the positions are extremely unstable - it's as easy to fly out of the top as to get into it. Therefore, sites aimed at good and, more importantly, stable results, need to consider general search engine optimization of the site firstly, and then local SEO.