what is SEO and how it works

What does SEO stand for?

The higher the position of a site in search results, the more users move to it. Therefore, work on the promotion results are important:

  • increase the relevance of pages to search queries (relevance),
  • structure and content optimization,
  • to improve commercial factors,
  • page code optimization,
  • external factors of the resource's importance.
    The optimization rules are set by search engines. Each of them uses and regularly updates its own algorithms of ranking, which are composed of multiple factors. And, although the formulas are kept secret, experts know which factors have the greatest weight. By acting on them, you can improve positions on key queries in search results.

Critical to the promotion results are user behavior, user-friendliness of the interface and speed of loading the site. With the development and complexity of algorithms, the importance of the above factors is steadily increasing, which ultimately makes the search output better. Search engines strive to produce the most useful material on the user request. Consequently, the resource owners need to publish the most interesting content for their audience.

And if it works today, not the fact that it will work tomorrow. Services are constantly changing, rebuilt. Along with them are changing and approaches.

Website Optimization or how does SEO work?

What does SEO optimization consist of?
Search engines are constantly striving to improve the quality of extradition, so it is necessary to promote the Internet site comprehensively. This is working with the technical side, content as a decisive factor, convenience, usability, the correct display on various devices and attracting natural links.

The work is divided into two subtypes: internal and external optimization.

Onpage SEO

Internal optimization actions improve the site and have a direct impact on its position. The work is divided into:

  • compilation of a semantic core (selection of keywords by which to promote the resource);
  • improving the internal structure of the resource (CNC, Robots.txt, site map);
  • elimination of technical errors (duplicate pages, broken links, increasing the speed of loading the site);
  • constant improvement of usability of the resource (convenience for users);
  • improving the relevance of pages (compliance with user request);
  • image optimization;
  • implementation of internal relinking.
  • Internal optimization - this is the most time-consuming work, it must be carried out constantly. It is the internal optimization as a whole depends on the success of your project.

The site must be high-quality, fast, user-friendly and fully provide the information they came to you.

External optimization

External optimization - is to increase the reference mass, ie link to your site from other resources.

In the conditions of tightening the fight of search engines with links, the main problem is to select a good site donor. The best result is the links from the trust thematic unstamped sites.

In the process of external optimization is formed a list of "donors", developed texts of links and circumlinks environment, after which they are placed.

To increase the natural and quality reference mass, use methods of obtaining links that do not contradict the rules, for example:

  • continuous publication of new information and interesting materials to be shared by users;
  • registration in search engines and catalogues;
  • sharing links with popular and quality resources;
  • publication of press releases;
  • activity on forums and blogs.

The optimization process also includes competitive analysis to understand what the site lacks for growth.

Bottom Line
SEO is the main way to attract traffic to a website that has existed since the creation of search engines. Claims that it will disappear began to appear at the beginning of its development - since 1997. However, at each stage of its existence SEO changes, adjusts to new algorithms of ranking, filters and factors. Search engine optimization will be in demand as long as people are looking for information online.

If you want, you can immerse yourself in learning the rules of search engines and Internet marketing. Keep track of the latest news and industry trends, constantly updating your knowledge. But, if you do not have time for this, the Compacom Agency team is always ready to offer high quality help.